Marco Orrù

“whoever teaches a sport, in addition to knowing how to teach, must know how to do”
Marco Orrù

Creator and Founder
by Critical Slide


Experience and passion

Hi, I’m Marco Orrù, creator and founder of Critical Slide.

My twenty years of experience in the practice of Kitesurfing is my first business card and allows me to dedicate myself to teaching this wonderful sport.

I am an instructor and coach of the FIV Italian Sailing Federation, always constantly updated and today I have the pleasure of training some of the best Kitesurfing talents on our national scene.

Everything was born with an innate predisposition for discovery and adventure, which made me grow as a free spirit.

"Here in South West Sardinia there are secret areas where wind and sea conditions are unmatched."



When it all started

In 2002, while windsurfing, I was attracted to a new sport, Kitesurfing, and it was immediately love. At that time there were few people who practiced kitesurfing!Schools on the west coast did not exist and to practice kitesurfing they relied on the exchange of information between sportsmen and / or luck.Only those who were particularly talented, reckless and talented could try their hand at this fun, but dangerous, sport.I was one of those few who learned easily and who never needed help, I was able to make great improvements in a short time.

A privileged place

The good fortune of living in one of the windiest places in Europe allowed me to quickly reach a high level of practice and sign my first sponsorship contract, just one year of practice, with a company operating in the Kitesurfing sector.

Experiences around the world

Kitesurfing has thus become a constant in my life that it has allowed me to visit distant places classified among the windiest destinations in the world that every year attract fans of this sport, such as Brazil, Australia and South Africa. Places where the strongest athletes on the planet trained!

The birth of the school

At the height of my best physical shape, in 2008 I decided to turn my passion into a job, founding together with my best friend the first Kitesurfing school in the South West of Sardinia.

Our growth

In a short time we have become a sports reality that boasted the largest number of local practicing members and that could enjoy a constantly growing sports tourist flow.The accumulated experience, the various training courses undertaken by me and by other DOC Sulcitans who love this sport, has led us, over time, to be one of the most important schools in the national territory, one of the few Italian realities that, in addition to teaching basic and advanced, train the champions of tomorrow!One of our talents is Alessio Pintus winner 1x freestyle national champion and 1x junior national champion. Today Alessio is part of our Critical Slide team.

A passion that continues

I have always been of the idea that anyone who teaches a sport, in addition to knowing how to teach, must know how to do. My job is still my greatest passion and, when I'm not teaching, you can find me in the water having fun with old and new friends, like when I made my first kitesurf flight back in 2002 for the first time.

Lezione individuale di SUP nel magnifico mare del Sud Ovest della Sardegna