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We specialize in kitesurfing courses in Sardinia, but not only!

We have thought of an offer for all levels of practice, from beginner to advanced, to learn, have fun and have a new experience by practicing a water sport in full contact with nature in one of the most fascinating places in Europe.


No matter what your starting level is, with us you will find the best solution for you to learn and improve the practice of this sport



Corso base L1

Il corso base è il primo e più importante strumento per imparare a fare kite, quell’esperienza che non dimenticherai mai nella tua vita!




Apprendi la capacità di risalire il vento “la bolina”: è da questo momento che si inizia veramente a fare kite e a divertirsi!



Lezione avanzata

Se vuoi imparare un nuovo trick o una nuova manovra i migliori istruttori ti seguiranno per raggiungere il tuo obiettivo




Prenditi una settimana con il miglior istruttore che, supportato dalla tecnologia e dai mezzi didattici più efficaci, si dedicherà esclusivamente a te


To immerse yourself in learning this sport and live a complete experience to discover the area and make new friends, you can choose one of our offers including overnight stays, transfers, excursions and visits.

Check our calendar to see the next scheduled camps.


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€430/4notti/1h lezione

Pacchetto 1H ADVANCE

Pacchetto base + 1 ora di lezione avanzata con gli specialisti del free style. Adatto a rider esperti per perfezionare o approcciare nuovi trick o manovre


€ 630/4 notti/4h lezione


Pacchetto base + 4 ore di lezione individuale, indicato per chi ha già iniziato la pratica del kitesurf ma vuole consolidare i fondamentali, la sicurezza o la bolina


€360/4 notti

Pacchetto Base

  • pernottamento 4 notti
  • trasferimenti
  • escursione in sup, visite, aperitivo al tramonto, esperienza surfskate e resque


€760/4 notti/6h lezione

Pacchetto BEGINNER

Pacchetto base + 6 ore di lezione individuale, indicato a chi non ha mai fatto kite e vuole un corso completo ricco di contenuti teorici e pratici. 


€970/4 notti/full immersion


Pacchetto base + full immersion di kitesurf con uno dei migliori istruttori di kite italiani. Adatto ad atleti o principianti per raggiungere un livello superiore di apprendimento e conoscenza di questa disciplina.


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Stand up paddle (SUP) is a fantastic sport that allows us to offer an alternative to stay in contact with the sea and live incredible experiences in the absence of wind.

SUP can be practiced by people of any age: safe and fun, it allows you to reach places on our South West coast that are difficult to reach by land.

We offer different solutions to experience this sport: itineraries, lessons and rental.


€25/durata 2h

Sant'Antioco: Portixeddu-Coaquaddus

Escursione facile tra calette e scogliere sul lato sud dell'isola di Sant'Antioco


€30/durata 2h

Calasetta: Faro di Mangiabarche

Escursione sul lato nord dell'isola di Sant'Antioco verso l'affascinante struttura del 1935 circondata dal mare cristallino


€35/durata 3h


Escursione nella suggestiva Costa delle Miniere verso Porto Flavia e il Pan di Zucchero, il faraglione più alto del Mar Mediterraneo 


Da €35 a € 45

Lezioni individuale

Lezioni individuali da 30 minuti o 1 ora per apprendere la tecnica di base 


Da €15 a €35


Noleggia da noi l'attrezzatura per vivere in autonomia  un'esperienza in SUP 


Scopri curiosità, aspetti tecnici e particolarità che rendono unico questo sport 


Are you ready to Surf the City? Surfskate or street surfing is a new way to experience the city, a skateboard that, thanks to a front undercarriage that can replicate the corner angles of a surfboard on waves, opens up a new world of possibilities and maneuvers that are impossible with traditional skateboarding!

Here are our dedicated courses.

SK Base 1

Corso Base SK 1

Corso per principianti adatto a chi si approccia al surfskate per la prima volta

SK Base 2


Corso adatto a chi vuole apprendere come si eseguono delle curve. 

Advanced SK3


Corso adatto a chi vuole approcciare per la prima volta alle rampe perfezionando così curve super strette in front e back, slidate su rampa e pivot.


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions divided by type of service

Kitesurfing is a sport that can be considered extreme, but incredibly safe compared to many other similar sports. Obviously, like all sports, there is the possibility of having some injuries, especially if there is total non-observance of the basic safety rules.

No, absolutely no! Kitesurfing is a technical sport and not of strength, even children and girls can do it.

No, absolutely no! Kitesurfing is a sport in itself that can be learned even without having ever done board or sailing sports!

Kitesurfing is a sport that can be practiced at any age, even advanced 60+ years !! It is enough to be in a state of normal physical form, the same that would be required for any sport. For children under 13/14 years, although the practice is still possible, due to the weight (not sufficient) it is not recommended, or in any case it must be evaluated case by case.

Yup! but under certain conditions: if the instructor believes that the student has reached a level that does not create danger for himself or for others and that the practice allows him to manage himself and the material without the need for continuous assistance.

The Sulcitan coasts offer, in addition to wonderful beaches, excursions of all kinds: sailing boats and canoes, mountain bike rental and excursions, sup stand up paddle rental and excursions, guided visits to museums and monuments, parties and festivals, discos, climbing.

Sardinia is windy all year round. The best time to come on vacation is from the beginning of April to the end of October. In this period the temperatures are more suitable for practice, the winds are more constant and there are thermals even on days when the wind is not expected.

It is not easy to say as it changes every year. The statistics, however, give the windiest period the months from the beginning of April to the end of October.

In Sardinia these correspond to the high season periods dedicated to bathing, but here, at the Porto Botte spot, there is room for everyone. Unlike the nearby spots, such as Punta Trettu, here in Porto Botte in fact the extension of the coast makes overcrowding practically impossible!

Absolutely yes! The shallow waters, the constant winds and the large spaces at sea make it perfect for learning this magnificent sport!

Porto Botte is the windiest spot in South West Sardinia, with winds from the NW there are always 4-5 knots more than the rest of the coast. The wind arrives on the bay with about 40-50 minutes of delay compared to Punta Trettu but with a greater intensity; it is also more open to sea breezes that blow from the SW, while conditions are the same when it blows from the SE.

Absolutely yes! The bay is perfect for the practice of kitesurfing with hydrofoil, as one side of the bay has depths sufficiently high for the conduct of hydrofoil already after a few meters from the shoreline.

Yes in Porto Botte in conditions of high pressure a thermal wind from SW blows which lasts from 11 to 14. The intensity can vary between 10 and 14 knots. On the coast, phenomena similar to thermals are also created in the presence, however, of a component of wind direction: for example, 6-7 knots of NW component are enough, the famous Mistral direction to find even 15 18 knots at the spot.

The coast offers large parking areas and various services such as kiosks, kitesurfing, windsurfing and wing foil schools.

It is an activity suitable for anyone, young and old, sportsmen and women!

No SUPs have great stability! Furthermore, the learning process involves several steps before being able to stand upright, obviously the first few times you lose your balance and fall into the water, which makes learning a lot of fun!

No! Even a person who has never practiced can paddle for 50-60 minutes without any particular problems!

No! It is not recommended! Even on an apparently calm day, a light breeze blowing towards the sea could put you in great difficulty; you need to be able to ride the SUP with some confidence before venturing out into the sea on your own.


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