Our kitesurf spot, in Porto Botte in southwestern Sardinia, is the gateway to the Gulf of Palmas, a bay with about 12km of sea front that starts from Porto Pino and extends to the island of Sant’Antioco.


Sardinia is a wonderful place to practice and learn kitesurfing. The South West zone has best weather condiction. Porto Botte, in particular, is one of the windiest spots in Europe. Thanks to a mix of local factors, winds, from any quadrant, blow almost non-stop from mid-March to the end of November.

In the bay of the Gulf of Palmas there are 5 spots which, however close they are, differ in:



"IL FORTINO" (the fort)

Our school is located on the Fortino spot, on the northwest tip of the bay. This locations divides the spot between off shore and side shore wind conditions: very flat water and perfect conditions for riders of any level.

off shore

offre acqua piatta e un fondale con sufficiente altezza per le manovre più estreme sia agganciate che sganciate

side shore

offre fondale basso, profondità massima di 1,5m nei primi 200m e si estende verso nord per 1km. Ideale per imparare in tutta sicurezza

Porto Botte è il migliore spot kitesurf del sud ovest Sardegna in quanto è uno dei più ventosi d'Europa
il Fortino: spot kitesurf a Porto Botte nel sud ovest Sardegna
Kitesurf presso lo spot il Fortino a Porto Botte nel sud ovest Sardegna
il Fortino: spot kitesurf a Porto Botte nel sud ovest Sardegna tra i più ventosi d'Europa
kite surfer presso lo spot il Fortino a Porto Botte nel Sud Ovest Sardegna
Fenicotteri nella laguna presso lo spot kitesurf di Porto Botte


The spot works with all wind directions and with thermal from NW, SW and SE.

In this stretch of beach bathing is almost non-existent, therefore, at any time of the year, it is possible to practice sport without the thought of bathers on the coast.

The natural context that surrounds this spot is engaging and wild, characterized by the flora and fauna of our Mediterranean coast and the inevitable flamingos that look at us curiously.

In the background the view of the Island of Sant’Antioco which offers a unique landscape.

The Porto Botte spot is the main meeting point for local kiters. This makes it an environment for those who love to socialize and be inspired by top-level athletes who train for the entire season.



"IL FIUME" (the river)

The river, located about 2km north of the Fortino, is the mouth of the Rio Palmas, fed by the artificial reservoir of Monte Pranu; a lagoon area with shallow waters where banks of posidonia on the water surface create a mirror effect on the surface of the sea even with very strong winds. The mouth and the first 500 meters of the river are navigable and divided into several secondary channels: the area can be reached by sea with a small 20-minute up-wind.

A place to explore, jumping from the sea to the river or cruising at incredible speed on the mirror water are a once in a lifetime experience.

A different and unique place to kitesurf, suitable for intermediate and advanced level riders and not supported by any ground service.

The spot works with winds and thermals from NW.

Spot kitesurf il Fiume nel sud ovest Sardegna
kiters presso lo spot kitesurf il Fiume a Porto Botte nel Sud Ovest Sardegna
Imparare il Kitesurf con i migliori istruttori qualificati FIV/IKO


The Secret, of which we will not provide a location, is the most exclusive spot that has remained in Sardinia. A lagoon in the sea of 4 square km, bordered half by the coastline and the other half by a natural posidonia reef.

The wind conditions are off shore to the coast line with a constant shallow water around the meter that make it a paradise for freestyle or freeride kitesurfing: a remote corner of territory which, thanks to some access restrictions, has remained “virgin”, to mass tourism, where you can kite practically alone.

The spot enjoys an infinite space of shallow waters and conditions that can only be recreated in some Brazilian lagoons. The Secret is suitable for riders of any level and can be reached by sea after organization with the school which will endeavor to contact the competent bodies to authorize access.

The spot works in all winds and with thermals from NW SW SE

Spot kitesurf esclusivo per imparare questo sport in uno scenario paesaggistico di elevato pregio e riservato
kiters presso lo spot esclusivo proposto da Critical Slide
Spot esclusivo nel sud ovest Sardegna caratterizzato da vento off shore alla linea di costa con un basso fondale costante attorno al metro


Located on the south side of the bay of Porto Botte, it is a spot with side on wind characterized by a beautiful sandy coast and a seabed that slopes very gradually. In the first 100 meters the water is 60 cm to 1 meter high and is characterized by a slight wave motion. These conditions make it perfect for both beginners and advanced riders.

The spot is located in a well-infrastructured prestigious tourist area where there are beaches and bars.

Works with NW wind and thermal.


It is located in the middle of the bay of Porto Botte. The sandy spot with side on wind characterized by a beautiful sandy coast and a seabed that slopes very gradually. In the first 100m the water is 60cm to 1m high, which is characterized by a slight wave motion that makes it perfect for both beginners and advanced riders.

In the spot there are no services on the beach, but there is a dedicated area at about 700m.

Works with winds from NW SW and thermals from NW SW