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The Critical Slide kite school brings together kitesurf enthusiasts but, more generally, those who love to slide on water and beyond: it makes no difference if pushed by the wind, the force of the waves, the propulsion of a paddle or the force of natural elements!

Critical Slide is a new way of experiencing the sea: passion, continuous training and constant improvement have led our school to be, in a few years, the reference point for kitesurfing for all of Southern Sardinia.

Teaching and doing business has never been our only mantra, but with balance we have dedicated the right time both to teaching and to keeping the flame of passion for this sport alive and this allows us to be a different school!

The school was born in 2008 from the idea of Marco Orrù, an IVF instructor with twenty years of experience

The philosophy of our kite school is to excel in the quality of teaching: to transmit to our students, in addition to the basic information of theory and practice, the added value that only those who have reached a high individual level can give.

Nuances concerning the technique and the approach to a training that only those who know how to do can explain!




Attrezzatura da Kite e muta inclusa nel costo del corso, o solo noleggio a chi già pratica questo sport



Un istruttore qualificato ti seguirà in base al tuo livello di pratica e allenamento



Ti accompagniamo nella pratica tramite radiocaschi. Il nostro spot è dotato di mezzi per il soccorso in mare



Da noi non imparerai solo uno sport, ma potrai vivere una delle tue migliori vacanze

Being part of Critical Slide means belonging to a large family made up of people who share the spirit of freedom, are outdoor lovers and are looking for adrenaline!


Kitesurfing is our main sport, where we excel in teaching and services, from basic to advanced courses. We also offer a new teaching version with the innovative Exclusive project!

Our carefully chosen instructors are not only excellent teachers but also excellent kiters. Our thinking can be summed up: “whoever knows how to practice this wonderful sport can teach at a higher level”.

The very young and reigning Italian champion Alessio Pintus chose Critical Slide who found in our school the support and training he needs to achieve his goals.

Camp Advance critical slide Sardinia - I camp sono un’esperienza unica all’insegna dell’avventura e alla scoperta di un territorio attraverso uno sport fantastico come il kitesurf, un’occasione per conoscere nuove persone che condividono interessi e passioni simili alle tue, immersi nello splendore dei colori profumi e sapori della Sardegna!
kitesurf a Porto Botte

Our exclusive package
redefines the concept of school

It has always been thought that a kitesurfing course was necessary because it is a dangerous sport to practice alone. In reality the kitesurf course is the method, the experience that you will never forget in your life and that above all will define the type of kiter you will be in the future.

People are important to us! After each season we like to remember names, we like to know that we have had the time necessary to transmit our passion and our experience, have had the time to observe and understand their natural qualities, have created a personalized educational path for each one.

Nati con in mente le persone non i numeri
Born with people in mind, not numbers


After years of “traveling” on the South West coast we have found “home” in Porto Botte in the Gulf of Palmas between Sant’Antioco and Porto Pino. Our spot offers the most favorable wind and water conditions, with an infinite space available compared to other locations in Sardinia.

We can confidently say that it is one of the best spots in Europe.

Mappa spot più ventosi d'Europa per praticare kitesurf in Sardegna


We are one of the most important schools on the national territory,
one of the few Italian companies that, in addition to basic and advanced teaching,
train the champions of tomorrow!


Fondatore e Ideatore di Critical Slide

"per quanto imparassi evoluzioni complicate e adrenaliniche, non sono mai stato una persona competitiva e ho sempre provato più piacere nel condividere l’emozione che questo sport riesce a dare piuttosto che cercare di essere migliore di qualcuno o migliore di me stesso"

i nostri istruttori

Bravura e passione

Scegliamo i migliori professionisti qualificati FIV e IKO che ti seguiranno nella pratica di questo sport.

Ogni istruttore ti guiderà nel raggiungimento dei tuoi obiettivi sportivi.

Non importa qual è il tuo livello di partenza ma quali risultati vuoi ottenere


Alleniamo Telenti

Uno dei nostri talenti, un sulcitano DOC, è Alessio Pintus:
  • 1x freestyle national champion
  • 1x juniores national champion.

Oggi Alessio fa parte del nostro team di critical slide.
Escursione SUP a Pan di Zucchero
Esperienze in SUP nel Sud Sardegna
Escursione Sup a Pan di Zucchero, Masua. uno dei posti più suggestivi del tratto di costa a sud-ovest della Sardegna.


Over time, our passion for sport and for the sea has led us to find other sports to practice especially in the days (in the few days) of no wind and from this premise our second great passion is born: the stand up paddle sup.

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